Our People

We are committed to promoting local employment, equality, diversity, inclusion and respect for human rights, and we strive to provide a safe work environment and create a culture with safety at its core.

Focus Areas

  • Further improving our health and safety management systems
  • Attracting local interest in employment opportunities at the mine
  • Launching a comprehensive training program
  • Promoting job opportunities for women and diverse communities

For more details on our health and safety, employee engagement and people related policies, programs and performance download our 2020 Sustainability Report.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors and those who live in the communities in which we operate take priority above all else. Because we believe that health and safety must be everyone’s responsibility, we promote a culture of personal responsibility among our workforce and demonstrate health and safety leadership among our supervisors and managers.

Our approach to achieving excellence in the management of health and safety at our mine is guided by our Health and Safety Policy. The policy states our commitments in several areas including holding regular safety meetings, investigating breaches in standards and procedures, training our workforce so that tasks are performed safely, and complying with applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate.


Employee Engagement

We attribute our success to the direct employees and contractors who work tirelessly on our behalf. Exploration and mineral development activities require professionals with skills and knowledge in diverse and specialized fields of expertise. Attracting and retaining highly qualified personnel and those committed to our values and goals are critical to our success.

For this reason, a top priority is to create a workplace that offers a range of experiences, growth opportunities and benefits, and provides fair and equitable compensation and protects workers’ rights.

Our training programs are designed to build a high-performance team that supports business continuity, stability, profitability, efficiencies and continuous improvement.

We support our employees’ right to freedom of association and engaging in the collective bargaining process.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Aris Gold’s workforce is made up of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences and skills, and this diversity makes us stronger by facilitating a broader exchange of perspectives and ideas.

Our Diversity Policy states our commitment to providing a work environment that embraces diversity, is free of biases and discrimination, and treats all employees with fairness and respect. We value the people who work on our behalf regardless of age, race, gender, origin, sexuality, religion or physical disability.

Ensuring our workforce reflects the communities near our mine is another important dimension of diversity that helps us better understand customs, cultural practices and our relationships with host communities.

Human Rights & Diversity