Our Environment

We protect the environment by managing the environmental risks associated with our operations. Further, we endeavour to improve the environment of our host communities by investing in programs that will reduce emissions, improve water and air quality and enhance biodiversity. At Aris Gold, we have designed management systems to manage risks, and wherever feasible, contribute positively to environmental stewardship, and to sustainable community development. More information about the company’s approach to the environment can be found in its Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Our Environment

Tailings Management

Safe and environmentally responsible tailings management is critical for any successful mining operation. Tailings from the Upper Zone mine are decanted and dried in tailings ponds then relocated to a secondary storage area and covered for final storage. The company has implemented recommendations from Knight Piesold Consulting to upgrade the Upper Zone mine Tailings Storage Facility to meet international compliance standards.

Aris Gold is building a new and modern dry stack tailings facility to accommodate waste generated from its Deep Zone Expansion Project and Upper Zone mine. Going forward, we will ensure ongoing excellence in tailings management by retaining an internationally recognized tailings expert to conduct annual site visits to review the compliance of our TSF within international standards and to implement any recommendations addressed by the tailings expect.

Our Environment

Water Management

Aris Gold recognizes the importance of the naturally occurring rivers and streams to our local communities. Wastewater from mining activities at the Marmato mine is treated in permitted wastewater treatment plants that have been approved in the Company’s Environmental Management Plan (PMA). Discharge of any contact water is carefully monitored to ensure environmental compliance is maintained.

Aris Gold is evaluating water treatment strategies in partnership with the local government and Wheaton Precious Metals to further improve water conditions for the community.

Carbon Management

Aris Gold acknowledges that climate change imposes substantial risks to the global economy and socio-economic development. At present, the Marmato mine is positioned well amongst global gold mining operations as it relates to carbon emissions. Going forward, we will continue to support the avoidance, reduction and mitigation of carbon emissions and commit to enhancing the ability of our operations and communities to combat the effects of climate change.