Our Community

Aris Gold’s community engagement strategy is focused on providing a net social and economic benefit and improving the overall quality of people’s lives in the communities where we operate. To achieve this, we commit to regularly communicating with, and implementing systems that allow feedback from community members to understand their interests and concerns; respecting the cultures, customs, interests and rights of host communities, including indigenous peoples; working with governments, host community representatives and other organizations to promote local long-term sustainable development opportunities during mining operations; and provide local communities with opportunities and benefits from mining activities in terms of employment and contracting opportunities, education and other forms of community development. More information about the company’s approach to community and development can be found in its Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.


Social Investment Framework

Aris Gold has developed a social investment framework that seeks to have long-term social and economic benefits to its host communities.

In Colombia, Aris Gold has partnered with a local charitable organization, Angelitos de Luz, to carry out health, wellness, and education programs in the local communities where we operate.


Caldas Community Centre

The proud community of Marmato has a population of 9,290 people. Angelitos de Luz identified the need for new community centre to promote community spirit and provide a central location for extracurricular education and training in areas such as English language, coding and robotics and textile design. Aris Gold has provided funding for the development and construction of a state-of-the-art facility.

Video: Caldas community centre


Health Brigade

Prior to the onset of COVID-19, Angelitos de Luz implemented a Health Brigade program whereby medical specialists were brought into the community to provide care, such as visual health, to citizens in need. With local travel constraints in place due to COVID-19 restrictions, Aris Gold has prioritized community health & wellness by funding the distribution of medical supplies, face masks, cleaning kits and nutrition packages.


Marmato Municipal Park

To encourage healthy and active lifestyles, Aris Gold is funding the construction of a major new municipal park in the community of Marmato. The modern 850 square metre park will become an important centerpiece of the community.

Video: Marmato municipal park