Our Approach

Led by our Board of Directors, Aris Gold's commitments to protecting people and the environment and building long-term relationships in the communities where we work are embedded in our overall business strategy.

The Sustainability Committee ensures management is identifying and allocating sufficient resources toward managing the Company's principal sustainability risks and opportunities. This includes making sure Aris Gold complies with all federal, provincial, state and local laws and regulations governing our business.

We are committed to upholding best practices and international standards in our approach to sustainability and have established management systems and policies to govern the way we operate as a responsible mining company.

Our approach and commitments are reflected across the company and manifested in our Board Sustainability Committee Charter, Sustainability Policy and other related corporate policies that can be viewed here.

Our Priorities

In 2020, we undertook a materiality assessment to ensure our public disclosures focus on those topics that matter most to our business, our shareholders and other important stakeholders.

Across each of our material topics, we are working to develop strategies and programs, and to establish metrics and other indicators to measure our performance over the short, medium and long term. To learn more about our materiality assessment approach and outcomes download our 2020 Sustainability Report.

Our Priorities

Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs establish a global agenda for countries, businesses and organizations to work together to protect the environment, eliminate poverty and ensure a healthy, prosperous life for all by 2030. The 17 SDGs and their associated targets are a collection of interconnected goals, meaning progress on one target may impact progress on another, both positively and negatively.

Mining can play an integral role in advancing these goals, and Aris Gold recognizes the opportunity to contribute to those goals where we can have the greatest impact through our business activities. The following four SDGs align to our business activities and where we can begin tracking Aris Gold’s progress toward making a positive or negative impact on the associated goals and targets.

Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable Development Goals

To learn more about our alignment to the SDGs download our 2020 Sustainability Report.

Sustainable Development Goals